Taro puff
Number: T0003
Package: Package : 110g/slice; 5 slices in
Storage life: one year. Best before
Storage mode: preservation by freezing at -18˚c
Selling price: 100 NT



This is our "Happiness" line of products, the sweet series includes yam and red bean flavor, the savory series, which is not in the menu have cheese, salted vegetables, carrot and curry flavored, crispy on the outside, flavorsome in the inside, it is sure to delight consumers of all ages.


Cooking method:

Heat up the pan, add oil onto it, once it's heated up, add the pastry into the pan(no need for defrosting), cook until golden brown on both sides, make sure to cook with low heat as to cook the filling.




Both products must be stored in the freezer -18 degrees.